My Thoughts On The Salesman 2

It is useful to say, the remainder of the article contains spoilers. The movie begins with the cries of individuals fleeing from the building, which was on the brink of collapse during the development, in the course of the illumination of the armchair on a theatre stage. This effective entrance creates such a pointy line that in your minds you’ve got no idea how the scene which will precede you’ll end. in the midst of the disgusting image of Iran’s socio-economic conditions, we dive into the arena stage modernized in western style and take a glance at the rehearsals of Miller’s ‘Death of the Salesman’.
While Iranian Director Asghar Farhadi was among the 100 best directors of the century, he became a reputation that left deep traces in our memory along with his masterpieces that he presented to the cinema past. When Farhadi’s A Separation film won awards within the Best Foreign Language Film and Best Original Screenplay categories at the 84th Academy Awards, we knew that it won this award within the hearts of the audience way back. The director, who is that the most influential name that Iranian Cinema has produced recently, yet again shows people a special window of life together with his newly released movie ‘The Salesman’.

Every a part of the film, which begins with the image of a seat on a theatre stage among the deep scars of crooked Iranian streets, should be examined exhaustive. the salesperson, which is seen to be inspired by the world-famous American playwright Arthur Miller’s play “Death of the Salesman”, showed alittle section of the lifetime of a marriage who were stuck in a very psychologically narrow space. Unlike the previous Farhadi films, the largest detail we encounter in Seller is; the forefront of a theatrical cinematography! so as to perceive the film, first of all, it’s necessary to understand deeply about Arthur Miller’s “Death of the Salesman” in order that we will clearly understand what the topic, which seems to possess start up of stage stage, wants to inform us. In our film, during which Shahab Hosseini and Taraneh Alidoosti shared the lead roles, Hosseini received the ‘Best Actor Award’ at the 2016 Cannes festival. With this award that he deserved until the top, the full world met a good thespian. The film, which also won the ‘Best Screenplay’ award at Cannes, has already become a masterpiece with its modern dramatist narration.

After the Second warfare, Arthur Miller’s “Death of the Seller”, which was formed by the character named Willy, who built his life on materiality, earning and prestige, and so shook stage stages; It highlights the familiar concepts of ‘passion’, ‘egoistic psychology’ and ‘masculine feelings’ in interpersonal relations, and sharply discusses the man’s weakest point, his desire to ‘achieve’. The periodical analysis of the play is so magnificent that the influence of the work, which was also shot on the large screen after the podium, is reflected in Farhadi’s film in 2016. The Iranian genius director opens the link between the sensation of being wronged personally and therefore the feeling of getting lived vainly, like Miller, within the movie he wrote the script for. However, although this discussion is in parallel, Miller examines the problem within the ‘economic’ dimension, and Farhadi within the ‘sexual’ dimension. within the fusion of two different worlds on the identical axis, you glide between reality and fantasy and end up alone with a culture you never knew existed.

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