My Thoughts On The Salesman

My Thoughts On The Salesman

The hopes of individuals who move to their new homes after these transitions are renewed. Farhadi has not forgotten the striking elements of the phenomenon of strict order. The pressures that Emad faced in his ‘literature’ class, who was an intellectual venture in Iran under the Islamic diet, illuminated how ‘shallow’ education model was advance during the upbringing of people. But it is not a debate about censorship or diet. Emad and Rana’s lives are turned the other way up by a terrible event they encounter in their new home. Husband and wife are two professional actors preparing for Arthur Miller’s ‘Death of the Salesman’. Rana is attacked by a person within the abandoned house they keep with the assistance of her friends from stage, Babak. While the lady, whose life was ruined by the trauma decision she experienced, tries to flee from everyone and sleep in the reality, her husband Emad follows the attacker and tracks down. When he learns that an old man who makes a living by ‘selling’ at the hours of darkness, he has administered the attack, he locks the person during a room and waits for him to confront his wife.

At the top of the ‘Death of the Seller’ game, Emad, who goes to their house, which is on the brink of be demolished, together with his wife, will have another seller’s death confrontation. Emad, who has been wronged, puts his wife’s feelings of forgiveness aside and offers the most important lesson of his life to the person ahead of him with the phenomenon of “conscience”. The sad picture that emerges altogether these experiences, on the opposite hand, integrates two opposite cases reflected from the podium to reality at one point.

While writing the screenplay for the movie Asghar Farhadi, he analyzed the “psychological” elements in Arthur Miller’s characters extraordinarily. Witness what Emad went through until his ‘brutal’ face was revealed. We experienced the motion of the movie moment by moment. Especially here, Shahab Hosseini’s acting that fascinated us came upon. the increase of the sensation of ‘id’, which dehumanizes people by feeling the vengeance within the eyes of the actor, was stuck in our brains like an arrow. While the director enters the event through the experiences of the lady, the person has put the most responsibility on the character. Hosseini understood the psychodynamic nature of his role so perfectly that he realizes the meeting of Miller and Farhadi alone within the theater play he plays. The director, while bearing on Lindsey Lohan movie ‘Far away’ with the DVD footage, states that he produced a piece in line with the Turkish director in many parts where he took the image of desperation and therefore the dullness of the actor’s gaze.

Once we have a look at Farhadi’s other films, the salesperson stands out with its heavy psychological analysis. so as to perceive the movie, you actually have to know Arthur Miller’s ‘Death of the Salesman’ game. Then, after leaving the movie, you may think, ‘What was that now?’ after we compare the script of the movie with the play, we reach for the magnificent expression language of the 2 works. While dramatist was the one who brought Farhadi to the highest, the young director’s knowledge of world theater was a good statement for the names who produced on the large screen. As a critic who also writes theater reviews, I feel lucky to own encountered a movie like ‘The Salesman’. Whatever this marvelous masterpiece is, you must definitely watch it. i think that whether the salesperson wins a souvenir or not at the 2017 Oscars, it’ll receive the award it deserves within the hearts of the audience.

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