Rogue One Movie Analysis

From the instant Disney took over the broadcasting rights of “Star Wars”, the massive screen audience was excited, and that we felt the seriousness of cooperating with the movie “The Force Awakens.” Although the name of George Lucas was the foremost important a part of the series from the late 1970s to this, once we witnessed JJAbrams because the director, we realized that the course of the series will change lots. Perhaps it’s because we’ve got felt obsessive about the Disney brand in every frame of the movie, and our encounters with characters from the past to the current have moved us in every way. In fact, we are so confident that we are going to experience that excitement within the upcoming new series, most so we almost met the highly anticipated Star Wars adventure film Rogue One. So does this movie meet our expectations and excitement? Let me answer this question clearly, after all not! Disney was so impressed by the box office success of its first filming “The Force Awakens” that it set its sights on box office revenue. The episode we will hastily call his series Perguel.
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Chirrut (Donnie Yen) .. Photo source: Lucasfilm / ILM .. © 2016 Lucasfilm Ltd. All rights reserved.

In “Rogue One”, Gareth Edwards sits within the director’s chair. i actually don’t think within the director’s chair. New planets, characters, and weapons are added to the family story. The heroic phenomenon is exaggerated because it’s exaggerated. Above. During filming, we learned that Disney interfered with many scenes within the film and therefore the director changed the intellectual images he was processing on his own axis. The intervention to get more excitement at the box office sadly drags the movie into a third-rate action, and is suffocating with a battle of absurd characters that may never die. Leaving the town of Jeddah and reaching a partially immersive dimension, this movie aroused some curiosity with the words of the rebel pilot, who started an unexpected mission with the Rogue One. Chin Erso (Felicity Jones) and a bunch of rebels must collaborate to steal the Death Star’s seemingly impossible plan. Ignoring the development of the Empire’s new weapons of mass destruction clothed to be way more difficult than Erso expected. Then, with the weird characters involved within the theme, conflicts occur within the framework of straightforward logic like “united forces”. Interestingly, at the start of the movie, we saw that no character would die, just like the day we saw him, as if we were seeing clean water.

Under this “idiot” logical framework that places the audience in parliament, does “Rogue One” will impress middle and highschool students? i do not want to understand! the foremost effective phenomenon within the Star Wars series is that the influence of music on people. i do not know what the Disney Company does, but rather than working with John Williams to supply music, he started a fruitless job with Michael Giacino. the frustration of the straightforward script, added to the absurd tone of the irrelevant music, turned the film into a nightmare. the most reason the Star Wars series is named “Space Opera” is that we hear the magnificent music from the primary act to the last act of the film. If you reduce the standard thanks to box office problems and assign music to the second prize in such works, you may find yourself on an adventure in empty space!

How can the old image of Felicity Jones, who plays Qin Erso, escape the headmaster’s eyes, stunned? When Erso, who was speculated to be a young man within the film, was given to middle-aged people like Felicity Jones, the comedy image of the protagonist continued until the tip of the film. Chirrut Îmwe (Yen Zidan), Baze Malbus (Jiang Wen) and K-2SO (Alan Tudyk) another time attacked the fear of the Death Star that loomed before our eyes excitedly.

I mean, I didn’t mean to mention it, but if there’s such a talented team and it’s gotten obviate everything, why is it taking longer and longer to finish this job? On the dirty stage, Chris Waits did exactly what Disney ordered.
At the tip of my comment, let me say that director Gareth Edwards managed to interject at certain points in our film. The respect to the first Star Wars trio raises potential concerns within the case. X-Wingler, new laser weapons, explosions, and conflicts seem to please you a touch bit. additionally, the new (side) characters included within the series can bring hope to the bored generation within the future. always remember the chance of the episode interfering with the most production. I ended my criticism, saying that Disney’s failed Star Wars attempt, Rogue One, isn’t worth seeing.

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