Once Upon A Time In West 3 Movie Review Part X

Once Upon A Time In West 3 Movie Review Part X

Western movies often use lone hand because the subject, especially Leone’s movies, which are about unrelated men who escape alone. In Leon’s movie, the people we see don’t shut up in their own minds. they can not speak unless necessary. they are doing not discuss, everyone has his own destiny. As we entered the first 20th century, these principles that established American society gave people a dream, told them to climb for the dreamer, and once they refused, they stayed. In other words, once you refuse to enter the hierarchy of the community, the lady who asks you to try to to so won’t be with you.

In “Journey to the West”, the characters are absolutely alone. Chayenne and also the harmonica musician gradually established a friendship. We don’t have detailed information on these characters. We only know the motivation for your trip. The film consists of long shots without dialogue. In “Revolutionary Huang Feihong”, Juan and John established a hotter friendship than Cheyenne and therefore the Harmony. additionally, we even have a more robust understanding of his past. it’s animated dialogues. within the West, boring facial expressions are replaced by warm ones. Because classes are in-built the town, the conflict has become public. due to this, people are more closely connected and a few people recognize a better authority. Acculturation creates a relationship of authority.

Paper isn’t removed from this culture. after they choose, they’re left alone, like Juan and also the noodles. within the u. s., Huang Feihong is in sharp contrast with the West. within the West, the characters start their adventures as a bunch of the many people. Noodles and Max have many friends. However, when the noodles refused to assimilate and returned to the animal world of the Western world, an organic Hobbes state, he felt lonely.

Sergio Leone described the evolution of life from a state to a cultural state in his trilogy “Huang Feihong”. In doing so, it shows that there are only changing phenomena, the essence is stable, and this essence is animal. Phenomenon was born from the transformation of the essence, and he returned to use the tools of the creation of essence in his films. It helps us capture the particularity within the character’s narrative by including historicity. For him, culture can only produce boredom and hypocrisy. Suppresses excitement and vitality. However, because these animals are impulsively dominant, they become absolute and explode at certain times. within the American century, there’s nothing new under the sun.

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